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29 Days to Diva: The Beginning

January 31, 2012

It is the last day of January and you may be realizing that things are often easier said than done. In that first blush of 2012 many of us made those hastily scribbled lists of things that we would certainly accomplish this time around. Now, you may, or many not, have stuck to your New Years resolutions like a tenor to a mirror but something tells me that the gym is getting a little less crowded and you aren’t spending quite as much time in your practice room as you once thought.

With that in mind, The Sybaritic Singer is reaching out to you every single day in February with our very own 29 Days to Diva.(#29daystodiva)


We certainly support taking care of your other resolutions, but this month, for the first Sybaritic Singer month-long challenge, we’re asking you to focus on your singing career as well as your waistline.

This doesn’t mean you need to stray away from your other responsibilities, nor start studying to take another theory entrance exam. It just means that each day this month we’ll be assigning you one task—from polishing your singing resume to creating a singing team—to brighten your classical musician outlook. We can’t guarantee that participating will have you dying of consumption on the Met stage by March, but we can guarantee you’ll be wiser and better prepared to handle your career, whether that’s more gigs or just a little more motivation to keep going.

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